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Additive Manufacturing for Biotechnology Core
Advanced Manufacturing and Mechanical Reliability Center
Advanced Platform Technology Center
Advanced Research Computing
Applied Functional Genomics Core
Athymic Animal and Xenograft Core
Bioanalyte Core at CWRU
Bioinformatics and Biostatistics Core
Case Metals Processing Lab
CDDRCC Histology
Cellular Therapy Integrated Services
Center for Advanced Polymer Processing
Center for Applied Raman Spectroscopy
Center for Medical Mycology
CFAR - Clinical Sciences
CFAR - System Biology and Biostatistics
CFAR - Uganda
CFAR - Viral Pathogenesis and Persistence
Chemistry Instrumentation Facility
Cryo-Electron Microscopy Core
CVRI Mouse Metabolic Phenotyping Core
Cystic Fibrosis Mouse Models Core
Cytometry and Imaging Microscopy Core
DDRCC Biorepository Core
DDRCC Mouse Models Core
Electrochemical Engineering and Energy Laboratory
Electronic Design Center
Engineering Services Fabrication Center
Genomics Core Facility
Germ-Free Mouse Models Core
Hematopoietic Biorepository and Cellular Therapy Core
Imaging Research Core Facility
Light Microscopy and Imaging Core
Macromolecular Crystallograpy
Microfabrication Laboratory (MFL)
MORE Center Labs
Mouse Behavioral Phenotyping Core
Neurodegenerative Research Core
Nitinol Commercialization Accelerator Laboratory
Northeast Ohio High Field NMR Facility
Population Health and Outcomes Research
Protein Expression Purification Crystallization Core
Proteomics and Small Molecule Mass Spectrometry Core
Radiation Resource Core
RNA Profiling Core
Scientific Instrument Repair Center
SCSAM Service Center
Sears think(box)
SHED (ICB Translational Informatics Core)
Small Molecule Drug Development Core
Soft Matter Characterization Laboratory
Solar Durability and Lifetime Extension Center
Surgical Training and Research Lab
Synchrotron Footprinting Core
Tissue Resource Core
Transgenic & Targeting Facility
Translational Research Services and Technologies
UL Fire and Combustion Laboratories
Visual Sciences Research Center
X-Ray Spectroscopy