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Genetic Research with Human Subjects Quiz for CREC

Successful completion of this quiz is valid for four (4) continuing credits.

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Please answer the following questions:

1. Which of the following is not one of the three principles of The Belmont Report:
      a.   Beneficence
      b.   Security
      c.   Justice
      d.   Respect for Persons

2. According to the panel, the primary problem with the use of a blanket informed consent document is that participants do not have a clear definition of specifically what the research will be, and therefore cannot assess the benefits and burdens of the research in light of their own values.
      a.   True
      b.   False

3. What are obligate participants?
      a.   Children whose parents make them participate
      b.   Individuals who feel they are obligated to join the research because their families are participating
      c.   Individuals whose genetic information is definitively discovered, despite their lack of participation, due to the participation of their relatives
      d.   None of the above

4. The determination of whether a potential project is considered to be human subject research should be made by:
      a.   The IRB office
      b.   The investigator
      c.   The funding agency
      d.   The department chair

5. The IRB representatives on the panel recommend which of the following as a reasonable way to elicit consent from the participants for using their genetic material in different types of studies?
      a.   There is no way to do this. Genetic material should be used only for the specific study for which it was collected.
      b.   b. Use multiple check boxes on the informed consent document to allow the participants to agree to and deny the use of their genetic material for different types of research.
      c.   Re-contact participants and acquire informed consent for each study
      d.   None of the above

6. What is the recommendation of the IRB representatives as a reasonable way to recruit family members?
      a.   The researcher asks the family members to participate
      b.   The proband asks the family members to call the researcher
      c.   The proband provides the family members with an informed consent packet
      d.   Each of these methods may be used

7. What does Dr. Weisner quote as the percentage of individuals who are offended by the idea of being asked to participate in genetic studies because their family members are participating?
      a.   3-8%
      b.   23-28%
      c.   40-45%
      d.   10-15%

8. Prior to beginning research with a defined group (such as a Native American tribe), engaging the community as a whole in discussions about feelings regarding the proposed genetic research is recommended.
      a.   True
      b.   False