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Improving the Readability of Consent Forms and Participant Materials Quiz for CREC

Successful completion of this quiz is valid for four (4) continuing credits.

Fill in the appropriate information below (Case Network ID is NOT required) and click on your choice to answer each of the quiz questions.


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Please answer the following questions:

1. What percentage of adult Americans read at or below an 8th-grade level?
      a.   10%
      b.   25%
      c.   35%
      d.   50%

2. What is NOT a component of Health Literacy
      a.   The ability to find, understand, and act on health information.
      b.   It is the same thing as general literacy
      c.   An interaction between patients and the health care system
      d.   Verbal, print, and web-based information

3. Why do researchers need to be concerned by Low Health Literacy?
      a.   Research volunteers should have clear information about participation and risks
      b.   Complex consent forms raise questions related to research ethics
      c.   Many Institutional Review Boards (IRBs) require easy-to-read consent forms
      d.   All of the above

4. Which is NOT a primary factor of Readability:
      a.   The quality of writing
      b.   Vocabulary
      c.   Well-organized content
      d.   Page design and format

5. Which of the following formulas assigns a grade-level as a readability measure?
      a.   Jones Readability Formula
      b.   Flesch-Kincaid Test
      c.   Flesch Reading Ease Test
      d.   Coleman-Kincaid Index

6. True or False: Readability formulas assess the organization, formatting, and page density of a document.
      a.   True
      b.   False

7. True or False: Most IRBs endorse a 6th-8th grade reading level for informed consent documents.
      a.   True
      b.   False

8. A 2003 study of informed consent documents found that what percentage of US medical schools meet their own readability standards.
      a.   Less than 10%
      b.   15-25%
      c.   30-40%
      d.   50-60%

9. Which is NOT one of the four Principles of Plain Language
      a.   Write in a conversational style, as if you were speaking
      b.   Organize and filter content with your reader’s needs in mind
      c.   Format your document so that it looks easy to read
      d.   Use accurate medical jargon and research terminology

10. A writing strategy that supports the Principle of Conversational Style
      a.   Use of succinct, single topic paragraphs
      b.   Use of analogies, examples, and visual aids
      c.   Use of active voice
      d.   Use of passive voice