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February 13, 2018  

Sponsored Projects News and Updates
New Webinar Series! Working at the University-Industry Interface: Effective Strategies for Active Researchers

Wednesdays, February 7 through May 2, 2018
1:00 pm - 2:15 pm
Sears Library Building, Room 642

Join us for group viewing of this series.

A shifting landscape of federal research funding and declining corporate research and development budgets make university and industry partnerships highly attractive for both sides; however, opposing values and interests can make such partnerships especially tricky to manage.

Join us for a series of webinars that will guide you through the nuances and complexities of these research partnerships. Over seven sessions, we’ll carefully cover the most critical considerations for creating win-win relationships.

You can’t effectively learn about successful partnerships unless you can hear from both sides. This is a unique opportunity to gain access to insights and best practices from leading experts at research universities and leading global corporations. They’ll leverage the unique perspective of University-Industry Demonstration Partnership’s (UIDP) research and best practices, as well as their own personal experience.

Session 2: Managing Expectations and Creating Long Term Relationships
Wednesday, February 21

Session 3: Establishing Contacts with Industry and Research Institutions and Dealing with Confidential/Proprietary Information
Wednesday, March 7

Session 4: Preparing Proposals and Budgeting
Wednesday, March 21

Session 5: Addressing Compliance, Contracting and Consulting, and Outside Activities
Wednesday, April 4

Session 6: Managing Intellectuals Property (IP) Issues
Wednesday, April 25

Session 7: Benefiting from University-Industry Collaborations with Government Engagement
Wednesday, May 2

For more information about the webinars: click here.

Registration is online at:

SpartaIRB User Training

Many dates offered, beginning February 20, 2018!
One-hour sessions
Sears Library Building, Room 670

SpartaIRB, the new CWRU and University Hospitals IRB electronic protocol submission system will begin accepting applications in March. This 1-hour session will introduce CWRU IRB investigators to the new system. Investigators, administrators and students who will submit IRB applications are encouraged to attend at least one session.

This training will focus primarily on submissions to the CWRU IRB. Training sessions are also offered with a primary focus for UH users. Additional sessions for CWRU users will be announced soon.

For more information about the transition, please see:

Registration for the user training is online at:


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